With the experience from the many years of growth and investment, Sanchez Group has indirectly grown to become a major player in the industry of Utility Construction, contracting major projects from Water, Telecommunications, Pipeline and Electric implementations.

Sanchez Group specializes in delivering Utility Services whether it’s Aerial or underground, pipe or cabling, short runs or long hauls fields of cable infrastructures, through fiber optics and copper based. We are amongst the leaders, in managing projects on a large community scale, facilitating a course of action and providing all major services for operating and sustaining these projects. Projects include (but are not limited to):

• Site Utility Work

• Parking Lot Lighting

• Traffic Management and Control

• Parking Rehabilitation

• Electrical Vaults

• Control System

• Design/Build Electrical Const.

• Project Management Services

• Underground Electrical Const.

• Substation Construction

• Solar Panel Installation

• Fiber Optic Cabling • Interconnect Yard Construction

• Highway Lighting

• highway signage lights

• High Mast Lighting

• Decorative Street Lighting

• Traffic Signal Systems

• Group relamping of street lights

• Group relamping of traffic signals

• Washing of street lights

• Washing of traffic signals

• High-mast lighting/highway signs

• Painting light poles

• Traffic Interconnect Systems

• Intelligent Transportation Systems

• Dynamic Message Signs

• Closed Loop Detection

• RTMS Detection Systems

• Traffic Signal Equipment Maint.

• Lighting Systems Design Build

• Roadway lighting

• Traffic signalization

• Street lighting

• Interstate signing

• Traffic Signal Maintenance

• Traffic Signal Construction

• Street Lighting Maintenance

• Street Lighting Construction

• Long and short haul fiber systems

• Cable and wiring conduit systems

• Trenching

• Directional Boring

• Duct Installation

• Sanitary Sewer System

• Storm Sewer Systems

• Water Distribution Systems

• Aerial and underground systems

Sanchez Group can service your Utility construction needs. From the beginning to end, our WUCI team of qualified union workers (foreman, laborers, operators, electricians, etc.) are potently trained to provide exceptional services, per our proven track record we exceed Our Clients’ expections.

Sanchez Group’s pipeline division can service your construction/maintenance needs from diagnosis and repair, to corrosion control, to coating remediation, to directional boring and to hydro-excavation. We cover all areas of pipeline maintenance and offer 24/7 maintenance support, with our emergency response team.

Electrical services include installation and servicing of street lights and traffic signals, and all relative details to traffic engineering, such as the re-lamping of traffic lights, highway signs, etc. along with washing, troubleshooting and maintenance.

The sewer and water division deals with the all aspects of water management, distribution and transportation of water systems. We can provide such water/sewer systems on a low, residential scale, and/or on a larger scale involving community/commercial large urban area projects.

When it comes to telecommunications Sanchez Group is again at the top of the list. We offer an abundance of services in this field, with very promising results. Features of their services in this field are as follows:

  • Wired and wireless connection systems
  • Plan, construct and implementation of communication systems.
  • Specialize in the manufacturing of co-axial cables and fiber optic networks.

With all that Sanchez Group has to offer, we consider ourselves the contractor of choice for Our Future and Current Clients’ special infrastructure projects. We provide the experience and expertise from such a well-rounded company to your projects’ success.

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