The Sanchez Group approaches every job with specific goals always in mind.

Integrity :  Our word is good, honest, and ourleadership can be trusted

  • Managing others while inspiring them to achieve
  • Turning conflicts into inspirational opportunities
  • Inspiring others to voluntarily follow
  • Helping others achieve success is integrity in action

Communication : Discovering effective methods of sharing information

  • Understanding the value of “Wet Working”
  • Analyzing how positive people communicate
  • Considering why you avoid negative people and  situations
  • Understanding the basic principles of communication
  • Communicating effectively
  • Learning to endure criticism
  • Being aware of imparting inappropriate information
  • Enduring failed communications

Attitude : Learning to appropriately respond to avoid conflicts

  • Learning to respond in a positive manner
  • Recognizing negativity that develops into harassment
  • Knowing when to seek assistance when dealing with harassment
  • The importance of facts rather than personal attacks
  • How to achieve success while tolerating someone’s negative attitude

Respect : Expanding everyone’s concept  from “Me to We”

  • Avoiding placing blame
  • Circumventing inappropriate reactions
  • Refraining from displaying selfishness
  • Steering clear of being insulted
  • Avoiding insulting others

Empowerment : Fulfilling needs from the other person’s perspective

  • Developing listening skills
  • Techniques for becoming a catalyst

Teamwork : A team is two or more people interacting together

  • Learning and delineating successful team expectations

Change :  Analyzing changes needed to attain balance leading to success

  • Learning to balance your purpose
  • Transforming negative thoughts and statements into positives

Achievement : Discovering the steps necessary to achieve working goals

  • Pursuing interests and strengths to fulfill our job
  • Accepting an identity based on accomplishments
  • Developing a desire to be competitive
  • Avoiding mediocrity
  • Establishing goals
  • Establishing a plan of action
  • Learning to endure criticism
  • Celebrating accomplishments

Trust : Developing faith in our actions to accomplish stressful tasks

  • Envisioning situations in advance
  • Taking the initiative to help
  • Quantifying the risks involved
  • Analyzing who can be relied upon

Success : Understanding the struggles and joys leading to a successful project

  • Learning that exercising perseverance means to keep trying
  • Overlooking past failures and establishing a vision
  • Developing patience, commitment, faith, and tolerance
  • Learning to work hard to reach your potential
  • Understanding the joys of wealth and success

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